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Gigabit Ethernet Interface ( Marvell 88E1111) with Cyclone V help!!

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I builded a project(Gigabit Ethernet Interface) used cyclone IV ,it works well on 1000M bps 100Mbps 10Mbps;(TSE+KSZ9031) 


I change the project and now it can wok on cyclone V(5CGTFD9E5F35C7)(TSE+Marvell 88E1111),it can works well on 100Mbps, 

but in 1000Mbps mode ,on pc I can receive the ethernet packet sended by FPGA Ethernet Interface ,but I found error bytes. 

for example:part of send data: 00 1c 23 17 4a cb part of receive data 00 5c 33 77 4a 9b  


my idea to solve the problem 


1:in 1000Mbps, I Set TSE into loop mode ,I can receive the packets which i sended. 

so i think the problem is the RGMII timing problem, but I changed SDC about the rgmII interfae ,but can't solve the problem? 


help me!! thanks !!
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Use TimeQuest analyzer to find the failing paths and modify the SDC file accordingly.