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Gpio driver example code for cyclone 5 not able to compile ...kernel headers missing

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Hi all,  

I am trying to compile the gpio driver which comes with ds-5 examples .when i try to run the make file for it .it doesnt compile and says missing linux/init.h no such file .on googling i redirected make file to downloaded kernel source bt then it finds init.h bt gives errors in init.h itself .i am using linaro tool chain that comes with yocto source package to cross compile for cyclone v on my ubuntu host machine. Is there any source code and compiler version mismatch issue?? Plz help
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Folks ..we solved the problem finally.earlier i was using the linaro tool chain provided with yocto source package to cross compile the driver bt when i used cross compiler 

provided with the ds-5 design suite ,the driver module compiled correctly :) what i can conclude is that there was some version mismatch between kernel source header files and compiler as i can think of if anyone can give good explainations plz feel free to :)