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HPS EMAC DMA engine always in reset...

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Hello everyone ! 


In my current baremetal project, I use a Cyclone V 5CSXFC6C6 and I want to use the HPS emac in RGMII. 

On the board I developped, i had to use the FPGA I/O to route the GMII signals of the HPS. 


My QSYS project is based on this project (for the emac management) : 

So I use QSYS "Emac interface splitter" & "gmii to rgmii adapter" module to make the GMII to RGMII conversion. 

The PHY i use is the Mikrel KSZ9021RL. 


To initialize HPS Emac & PHY, I use the method described in Cyclone V Hard Processor System Technical Reference Manual (cv_5v4.pdf), Ethernet Media Access Controller / Ethernet MAC Programming model. 


The "EMAC FPGA interface initialization" seems to works fine in my HPS software :  

  • I reset the PHY  

  • I reset the HPS EMAC0  

  • I configure the EMAC0_clk to 250MHz  

  • I bring the PHY out of reset and I check if rx_clk is present (it is the case)  

  • The Qsys "gmii-2-rgmii" adaptor that I developped is running, so I assume that the corresponding clocks are correctly propagating.  

  • I set the EMAC0 to GMII mode  

  • I start the Ethernet Controller FPGA interface  

  • I bring the EMAC out of reset  



Then, on my hardware, I have checked that both rx_clk (from PHY) and tx_clk (from EMAC) are present and are 125MHz. 


According to cv_5v4.pdf, I now have to reset the EMAC0 DMA module and continue the init but my problem appears here: 

For the DMA initialization, I have to reset the EMAC DMA module (Bus Mode Register, bit 0) and wait for the reset completion by pooling the same bit. 

--> The issue is that the module never goes back from reset... 


According to the documentation :  

"The reset operation is completed only when all resets in all active clock domains are de-asserted. Therefore, it is essential that all the PHY inputs clocks (applicable for 

the selected PHY interface) are present for the software reset completion." 


I'm quite sure that my PHY rx_clk is present at the emac0_rx_clk_in and that emac0_clk is successfuly set to 250MHz. 


Does someone have any idea of what happens here ? I think about it for some days, and I must admit that I have no more ideas... 


Thank you ! 


PS : on a previous board, I used the same HPS code to manage the EMAC and it worked great ! The only difference is that the PHY was connected to the HPS EMAC pins and not like here to FPGA pins...
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