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Hi, uClinux image processing on de2-c35 (uClinux memory footprint)

Hi, I have an old DE2-35 board and 1.3Megapx TRDB_DC2 board. I would like to do some image processing and also send the image through ethernet with DM9000a. Two options for ethernet here are uClinux and Nichestack with µC/OS-II. I would prefer using uClinux, however DE2 board has only 8MB SDRAM. Single frame from camera module would be 640 * 480 * 3bytes = 921600B =~ 0.88MB. I have read somewhere on Alterawiki that uClinux takes 5.6MB (can't find it now). This would leave only a space for two frames - enough for processing, and rater not for buffering to VGA for example. Does anybody knows the number ? zImage takes about 1.2MB but as far as I know it's compressed. Best regards, madness

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