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How can I direct run nios programmer on epcs?

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if i have not ram and less onchip mem, 

How can I direct run nios programmer on epcs or sd card ?
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You can't. 

The EPCS ROM and sd card devices can only be read by device drivers (etc). 

You could arrange to map multiple functions to the same addresses and load the code blocks are required (overlay loader) - but I'm not sure that has really been done since paged memory systems became common in the late 1970s. 

Another option is to enable the mmu, take the page faults and use that to dynamically page in the required code - but that is a lot of coding, and I suspect you won't have enough real memory for a reasonable set of working pages.
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thank you. 

can I use the serial RAM for example 23k256,because the FPGA pins is used full,do not use the parallel RAM. 


`timescale 1ns/10ps 

module M23K256 (SI, SO, SCK, CS_N, HOLD_N, RESET); 

input SI; // serial data input 

input SCK; // serial data clock 

input CS_N; // chip select - active low 

input HOLD_N; // interface suspend - active low 

input RESET; // model reset/power-on reset 

output SO; // serial data output 


// ******************************************************************************************************* 


// ******************************************************************************************************* 

reg [15:00] DataShifterI; // serial input data shifter 

reg [07:00] DataShifterO; // serial output data shifter 

reg [31:00] BitCounter; // serial input bit counter 

reg [07:00] InstRegister; // instruction register 

reg [15:00] AddrRegister; // address register 

wire InstructionREAD; // decoded instruction byte 

wire InstructionRDSR; // decoded instruction byte 

wire InstructionWRSR; // decoded instruction byte 

wire InstructionWRITE; // decoded instruction byte 

reg OpMode0; // operation mode 

reg OpMode1; // operation mode 


reg Hold_Enable_N; // hold enable - active low 


wire Hold; // hold function 

reg [07:00] MemoryBlock [0:32767]; // SRAM data memory array (32768x8) 

reg SO_DO; // serial output data - data 

wire SO_OE; // serial output data - output enable 

reg SO_Enable; // serial data output enable 

wire OutputEnable1; // timing accurate output enable 

wire OutputEnable2; // timing accurate output enable 

wire OutputEnable3; // timing accurate output enable 

integer tV; // timing parameter 

integer tHZ; // timing parameter 

integer tHV; // timing parameter 

integer tDIS; // timing parameter 

`define READ 8'b0000_0011 // Read instruction 

`define WRSR 8'b0000_0001 // Write Status Register instruction 

`define WRITE 8'b0000_0010 // Write instruction 

`define RDSR 8'b0000_0101 // Read Status Register instruction 

`define BYTEMODE 2'b00 // Byte operation mode 

`define PAGEMODE 2'b10 // Page operation mode 

`define SEQMODE 2'b01 // Sequential operation mode
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Years ago back in the nios forum days someone posted an EPCS controller that would allow you to do this. Mind you it would be incredibly slow and you don't want to use it for rwdata, heap, or stack otherwise you'll kill the Flash cells pretty quickly. 


If your board is still in development I would recommend slapping a x8 DDR SDRAM on it since even if you get a controller that will allow you to run code in place out of flash, or page in code it's going to be pretty slow.
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Thanks BadOmen ,Now only to modify my designed,but I 'm very interesting for run programm on epcs, other rwdata, heap, stack on onchip_mem,Can you tell me that post link?

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This was a long time ago (4+ years) so I'm not sure if that design is still around let alone if the post for it was salvaged when the nios forum went belly up (it was a forum user that created it and not Altera). That said what kind of performance are you looking for with such a solution? I ask because if you managed to run code out of an EPCS device the performance is going to be really bad and all this work isn't worth it if you have performance numbers to meet. If you need code performance then you'll need to page in code to on-chip RAM like DSL said, but this can be a lot of work as well. 


If you haven't already looked at code optimizations for reducing your footprint I recommend doing so over executing code out of the EPCS memory directly since that would make a world of difference in terms of execution speed. Running code out of EPCS with the appropriate controller would be like running an 8-bit CPU at 1MHz......
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Thank you very much,Where to select "over executing code out of the EPCS memory" ,I want to try,speed is not problem.