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How to Convert or Revert Qsys Pro Back to Qsys Standard

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Hi Forum Fans! 


I have an IP block delivered from a customer in Qsys Prime Pro (beta) format. As Murphy's ghost requires, the rest of the design must to be in Qsys Prime Standard form to support other IP blocks from other suppliers. 


Qsys Prime Pro automatically converts a standard version Qys file to Pro but it does not appear to automatically do the reverse (Pro to Standard)--so far as I can tell. I cannot open the Qsys Prime Pro file in Qsys Prime Standard. 


Other than manually re-entering the design, does anybody know of a good technique to revert a Qsys Prime Pro (beta) design back to Qsys Prime (non-pro)?
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Currently there is no way to revert back from Pro to Standard.