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How to boot Arria 10 from SD card?

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We have an Alaric Arria10 dev kit which currently has u-boot, device tree binary, and zImage in the QSPI, and the rootfs in the SD-card. 

The SD-card partitions and rootfs contents are custom, not the default ones provided by the Alaric dev kit. 


Our goal is to eliminate the QSPI and boot entirely from the SD-card. 

How do I put the contents of the QSPI into the SD-card and make the SD-card bootable? 

The Alaric dev kit reference manual only has instructions for QSPI. 

I have brief experience with Cyclone V, and these files were put into the first partition, which was a FAT32 partition. 

I'd prefer to just move binaries around, but I can force myself to rebuild uboot if needed. 


Any pointers would be welcome. 

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Best place to start is from, as explain more how to update the sd card content and procedure. 




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