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How to read Register Field (RegField) of adsp in DS-5?

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Hi everyone, 

I am trying to read/write register field designed in adsp using bare-metal projects in DS-5.  

In adsp, I configure the address for two register fields (e.g a = 1 and b = 2, data width = 32, address width = 16).  

In Qsys, I connect bus of this component (containing two reg fields) to h2f_lw_axi_master bus, the base address of its is 0x0004_0000. 

Then, in DS-5 I use alt_write_word() and alt_read_word() functions to write/read data to these register fields as following.# define ALT_LWFPGASLVS_OFST 0xff200000# define REGFIELD_BASE 0x0004000# define REG1_BASE 0x0001# define REG2_BASE 0x0002 

The read/write data is 

read_data = alt_read_word(ALT_LWFPGASLVS_OFST+ REGFIELD_BASE+REG1_BASE); 



I put these functions after alt_bridge_init (ALT_BRIDGE_LWH2F) runs successfully, but it is not working. 


Is there anything wrong in my program? Please help me to solve it. 


Thank you so much. 

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