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How to save Nios II console contents.

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In the NIOS EDS environment I need to save the contents of 

the NIOS console which displays the output of the 

printf statements. I have tried to copy from the window and  

paste into another program but it does not work. 

It is possible to redirect the window output to a file ? 


Thanks in advance for the help
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I'm not sure but I do this a lot from the command line by downloading my code using nios2-download -g -r <elf file> and then I fire up a terminal with nios2-terminal. If you have a board with multiple devices on the JTAG chain, or multiple Nios/UARTs, or cables then there are more arguments to pass in so check out the help commands for those two to figure that out. 


If you want to dump the terminal to a file then it's just nios2-terminal >> my_file.txt which dumps the outputs to the file. >> is a standard linux command so you can google around to find out more about it.
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I realize this is an old thread, but thought I would comment in case it is helpful for someone else. 


If you want to copy from the Nios II Console and then past to a text editor , you can try this to see if it works... 


save printf output from nios ii console: 

• Currently using Eclipse from Quartus Prime 17.0. Not sure if this works in other versions. 

• I have not found this documented anywhere, just found it by trial and error. 

• Prior to clicking the run button, kill the Nios II Console window if it is open. It will re-open when it starts running. 

• During/after run has executed, select text in Nios II Console window. 

• Select Ctrl-Insert key combination. It should now be copied to the clipboard. 

• Paste with Ctrl-v. 

• This only seems to work once. Must kill window and re-run to do another copy/paste.