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How to send a matrix to a lower entity



i've got a easy problem, how can you send a matrix from the main vhd of a project to a lower level entity inside the main?. 


The fact is that creating a filetype image to name the matrix my code can't read it in the entity. i've both included in the main and in the lower level vhd architecture the declaration of the new type "image", as follows: 


type image is array (1 to 110) of sfixed (1 downto -16); 


Error (10482): VHDL error at CNN.vhd(14): object "image" is used but not declared 


May I have to declare image as a package or something like this, for the compiler to read it correctly? 


Thank you!! 


PS: if I substitute image for "array (1 to 110) of sfixed (1 downto -16)", it says "array reserved keyword..."  



component cnn is 

port ( 

nreset : in std_logic; --reset global 

imagentmp: in image; 

flagimag : in std_logic  


end component; 


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I would suggest a package file. I forget off hand how to implement it, but a little searching around should yield results. You will need to declare your type in the package, and then use your package in the top level and your sub-levels.

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It worked! i managed to solve this issues by using a package  


Thank you!