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How to vectorise many parallel input output ports into a single bus in Qsys or SOPC

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Instead of creating twelve Parallel input output ports (PIO) in Qsys/SOPC, is there any way I could vectorise many parallel input output ports (12 PIOs for example) into a single component in Qsys or SOPC? 


Each PIO consists of 12 bits. 


After creating the Nios system, I am going to include the Nios system block in the schematic in Quartus.  


I need to feed the twelve PIOs into one single bus line in the schematic block in Quartus II. So I thought I want to combine the twelves PIOs so that in the NIos system block, it will only show one PIO instead of twelve. 


I attached the image: 

adc[1..12][11..0] is the 12 signals, each with 12 bits 

in Nios system block, adc_v1_export is single signal, with 12 bits 


I want to connect 


What I have tried : I followed the advice in this link ( but i got the following error (Error (275024): Width mismatch in port "adc_v1_export[11..0]" of instance "inst14" and type nios_system -- source is ""adc[0]"" 




Thank you
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