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How to visit HPS2FPGA in linux for cyclone V(DE1-SoC)?

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hello all: 

1.I try to visit the module in fpga throught H2F in linux sysytem, but I see all the example, they are visit the fpga module throught lw_h2f. And I cant found the relationship with h2f physical address(0xC000 0000) for the example(0xFC00 0000 lw_h2p).  

2.Actually, I want visit the h2f in linux driver layer, but I ioremap(0xc0000000), request virtual address and ioread or iowrite, the cpu dead. Someone could tell me how to solove the problem?(Addition, I can ioremap(0xFF50 0000) to visit some cpu register) 

3.How to request the hardware interrupt in linux with altera api? 


Thanks all.
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