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I_USB_ULPI_CLK of HPS atom "~GND" must be connected to a top-level pin

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I'm getting the error that the I_USB_ULPI_CLK port of the "HPS atom" "~GND" needs to be connected to a top-level pin. My problem is ... I can't seem to find this port anywhere in my design to know how to adjust its connectivity. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? 


I'm attaching a picture of the error message, as well as my top-level SOC.v file. 




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Never mind, just found the problem. I had an input of HPS_USB_CLKOUT input that was supposed to be connected to .hps_0_hps_io_hps_io_usb1_inst_CLK, but was not connected, whereas the hps_0_...CLK variable was instead connected to HPS_USB_CLK ... an undeclared variable that wasn't used elsewhere. Quartus assumed that, by the nature of my using it, that it needed to be declared as a wire--one that wasn't connected to anything. 


This would have been found by using `default_nettype none, but I had to turn that off because it broke a PLL implementation. Please allow me to suggest and recommend that you test all of your IP with `default_nettype none set. 


Thank you,