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IDE build problem

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Hi all, 

I am a fresh on nios, now I met a problem that I can't build project in the IDE software, when I click the build button, nothing happened, by the way the project is imported from others, and it said the Make File for project is missing, is it the problem why I can't build project? How I can rebuild the project for debug? 

Thank you all!
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You probably have a corrupted makefile or missed some file reference when you imported the project. 

Try opening syslib properties, change something, apply and rebuild all. 

If this doesn't work you may need to create a new project from scratch and add your current source files. In such cases this ultimate solution is faster than rant and rave with the IDE to find out what 's the problem.
Honored Contributor I

Be sure source files have green dots on source file icons (not empty white dots). If they are not green, Right click all C files and use 'Add to NIOS build'.