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ISS sdin sdout error

Honored Contributor I

Hi. I 'v got the error message launching debug session in ISS mode: 


"unrecognized command line option -- stdin== null.... 

unrecognized command line option -- stdout== null... 

unrecognized command line option -- stderr== null..." .  


I have no stdin/out devices in my project (no uart). So in syslib i'v set values of stdin/stdout/stderr to null.  


Is it possible to debug such a project in ISS mode.<#EMO_DIR#>/blink.gif  


Beforehand thanks.
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Honored Contributor I

In version 1.0, a limitation of the ISS was that it required a system with a printable device for successful simulation. I recommend upgrading to version 1.1, where this limitation has been addressed, to debug systems without host communication devices.