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Implementing external RAM in Nios SOPC builder



I have the fpga module EP2C8Q208C8N, and try to make a SOPC module. I've succesfully made it several times on other hardware, but in this case I cannot place any more than about 4kB on-chip memory. In fact the board contain addiotional memory, which I would like to usue insted of on-chip memory, but I don't know how to implement it in SOPC builder. 


Looking into documentation, I have the 23K640, "64K SPI Bus Low-Power Serial SRAM"  




CY7C1041CV33, "4-Mbit (256K x 16) Static RAM" 


Anybody could tell me, how to use it in SOPC builder? 


I would be very glad for any help or clue,  

best regards,  


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If you're using Qsys, you can try the "Generic tristate controller", and adjust it with the parameters of your memory looking on its datasheet not forgetting to define it as a "memory device". 

For earlier versions and without a generic controller, you should write your own wrapping into SOPC. That means that you write a verilog or VHDL file that maps the memory pins into the avalon bus, it's something like this 

module SRAM_16Bit_512K(// Host Data oDATA,iDATA,iADDR, iWE_N,iOE_N, iCE_N,iCLK, iBE_N, // SRAM SRAM_DQ, SRAM_ADDR, SRAM_UB_N, SRAM_LB_N, SRAM_WE_N, SRAM_CE_N, SRAM_OE_N ); // Host Side input iDATA; output oDATA; input iADDR; input iWE_N,iOE_N; input iCE_N,iCLK; input iBE_N; // SRAM Side inout SRAM_DQ; output SRAM_ADDR; output SRAM_UB_N, SRAM_LB_N, SRAM_WE_N, SRAM_CE_N, SRAM_OE_N; assign SRAM_DQ = SRAM_WE_N ? 16'hzzzz : iDATA; assign oDATA = SRAM_DQ; assign SRAM_ADDR = iADDR; assign SRAM_WE_N = iWE_N; assign SRAM_OE_N = iOE_N; assign SRAM_CE_N = iCE_N; assign SRAM_UB_N = iBE_N; assign SRAM_LB_N = iBE_N; endmodule 

Then you have to create the SOPC component that gives the _hw.tcl with "file/new component..."