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Installing EDS when another version of DS-5 is already present

During EDS installation on my machine, the Altera EDS installer got to the DS-5 step but it refused to install DS-5 because I already have a newer version installed. My newer version is for a non-Altera related project and includes the ARM compiler we paid for. 



Is there a way to integrate the Altera specific features into my current DS-5 installation (version 5.15.0) or install both versions on the same machine? 

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It seems the Altera features were already present in my bought and paid for DS-5. I have been able to communicate with the ARM processors in my SocKit via the USB blaster. 

Note to Altera: The install abruptly quit at the DS-5 step, so it's not clear whether EDS is fully installed. It seems to be working, but you might want to clarify.