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InterNiche ARP requests

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I am trying to receive destination device MAC address, when I know its IP address. In this case, ARP should help me. I can't find a proper way to call arp function to return the MAC address, since send_arp() or send_via_arp() requires pre-allocated packet, which I don't have. I need pure ARP packet to be sent on the network and get the response. 


Secondly, plugin installation to Nios2-IDE breaks GDB and You won't be able to debug the design. In this case, I can't fallow the test packet send routine. If I do udp_send(), then the ARP searches for destination, gets a response, and sends the packet. Too bad I don't need any packet to send, just get the MAC on the network. 


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Workaround: use icmpEcho() for ping and the get the MAC address using recent arp table entry.