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Interrupts from HPS peripherals

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Board : DE-10 ( Cyclone V SoC ) 

OS : FreeRTOS 


Hi, I'm writing a driver for FreeRTOS+TCP stack. I configured the EMAC1 and DMA peripherals. 

At this moment, everything works fine, except that I don't get any interrupt from EMAC1. 

So for the moment I poll the EMAC and DMA status bits. I see them come high, and I can clear them by writing 1's. 


What I did is : 


● Program the GIC to enable interrupt 152 ( ALT_INT_INTERRUPT_EMAC1_IRQ ) 

● Set the handler + data 

● Set a priority and trigger level 

● program the peripheral ( EMAC interrupt mask reg 15, and EMAC/DMA interrupt enable DMA register 7 ) 


As a test, I tried to get interrupt from UART-0. The device works fine, but I don't see interrupts neither. 


The only interrupt that does work is interrupt 29 ( ALT_INT_INTERRUPT_PPI_TIMER_PRIVATE ). That timer is used to get a FreeRTOS system clock. 


I asked the same question on the FreeRTOS forum, but without success. 



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The problem is solved. 


I had to call: 


alt_int_dist_target_set( ALT_INT_INTERRUPT_EMAC1_IRQ, (alt_int_cpu_target_t) 0x01); 


in order to direct the EMAC1 interrupts to the first core. 


That call will set "Interrupt Processor Targets Registers", which start at 0x800 of the GIC.