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Is c2h over with Quartus 13.0 ?

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Hi all, that's my first post here in this forum! :) 


Well, this is my question: is c2h over? it says in quartus 13.0 there is no way to download NIOS EDS legacy tools, and so NIOS II IDE; 

C2H is not available on NIOS SBD for eclipse... so, no more c2h ?! no more exists an easy way to implement hardware functions in our designs?  


Thanks in advance from IT
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C2H has been abandoned by Altera a while ago, and IIRC doesn't work with QSys either. Even if it could produce faster systems than a pure software version, it was still a lot slower than a hand optimized component written in HDL. Your best solution is really to learn to use an HDL language and write your hardware functions with it.