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JIC does not work with Spansion Serial flash, NiosII flash programmer works

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I'm using a Statix III EP3SL50F780 with a Spansion 25FL128P0XMFI001 as 128MBit serial flash configuration device which contain my FPGA hardware image and my Nios II application.  

I can program my device with JTAG usign the Nios II Flash Programmer from the Eclipse environment and I can program the SOF and ELF succesfull into flash and my boards startups correctly after power-up! I'm happy with this! 

Of course I had to place the "nios2-flash-override.txt" into nios2eds\bin directly with the following content 

[epcs-012018]# spansion s25fl128p0xmfi001 

sector_size = 65536 

sector_count = 25 


Now I would like to make a JIC. I convert both SOF and ELF into HEX files and generate a JIC file with Convert Programming file tools and I disabled the EPCS ID check to make sure that my Spansion flash is accepted.  

When I program the JIC into my board the programming went OK but it fails when it tries to verify the flash.  

When I try to restart my board the FPGA is not configured at all! 


When I repeat this with this board but then with a EPCS64 (but then EPCS64 selected when generating the JIC file) I can program verify the JIC file and it starts correctly!  


Do you have any idea why programming of flash works with the NiosII Flash Programmer but not with a JIC? 


By the way: tested for 3 times, under 10.1 and 11.1 as well. 


Thanks for your reply!
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I should have used the Spansion S25FL128SAGMFI010. 

I asked a sample for this one and will update te result on the forum.
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Did you try with advanced parameter disable epcs id check in programming file conversion tool?

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Yes, I did use the Disable EPCS ID check. Thanks. 


Yesterday I received Spansion S25FL128SAGMFI010 and I placed this type on my board. I programmed and verified the JIC and it works

The FPGA is configured and the NiosII starts up correctly! 


There is a big price difference in Altera EPCS devices and Spansion. 

Altera EPCS128 $25 

Spansion S25FL128SAGMFI010 less then $5
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Hey, You can not check disable EPCS ID check after version 12.0 :) Altera closes this feature for selling its products. This is unfair... :mad: