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Kernel bug?

Honored Contributor II

Hi, I am using uClinux 3.1 and trying to run on the NEEK, but after nios2-terminal, I got this unhandle message. 


Unhandled exception# 12 in kernel mode 

r1: c6000cc0 r2:00000000 r3: 00000b1c r4: 80000000 

r5: 2aac70c0 r6: 00000f40 r7: ffffe0000 r8: c7049c88 

r13: c704ede0 r14: c655cbb4 r15: 00000001 

ra: c60b553c fp: c7c06ad4 sp: c7c17d5c gp: 00000000 

ea: c60b512c estatus: 00000001 

BUG: failure at /root/Desktop/nios2-linux/linux-2.6/mm/slab.c:501/page_get_cashe()! 

Kernel panic - not syncing: BUG! 


Have anyone seem this before? Any help is appreciated.
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