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Kernel module compiling/loading

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After a couple of days of trying, we've finally successfully compiled a 'hello world' module and was able to load it under NiosII uClinux v1.3. Along the way we found 2 bugs that caused major problems: 


1) Problem: 

Stage 2 of the module compile doesn't work under Cygwin (Nios II SDK shell). The modpost.exe program is not correctly reading in the Module.symvers file since Module.symvers has DOS line endings. 



run dos2unix on Module.symvers (in the kernel build directory) before trying to compile your module. A better solution would be to fix modpost.exe (read_dump() function in scripts/mod/modpost.c) to handle DOS line endings. 


2) Problem: 


Module wouldn't load using insmod. Unresolved symbol error for printk. 


After tracking this down we found that the problem was that the ksymtab table was not long-word aligned. 





Change /linux-2.6.x/arch/nios2nommu/kernel/ to add  


. = ALIGN(4);  


before the ksymtab section. So it should look something like: 


/* Kernel symbol table: Normal symbols */ 

. = ALIGN(4); 

__start___ksymtab = .; 


__stop___ksymtab = .; 



These 2 changes fixed all of the problems we were seeing. 


Hope this helps. 



Terry Graessle
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