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Kernel panic after 7 days, 18hours, 30minutes if VLAN is up

I always get a Kernel panic after 7 days, 18hours and 30 minutes (186 hours and half) when I have my ethernet connection with VLANs in the OS (nios2 nommu running kernel 2.6.39). If the ethernet connection is without VLAN, the system works fine. 


The crash moment is not traffic dependent, but some traffic is necessary for crashing, with no traffic the crash does not happen. 


The ethernet driver an adaptation of open_eth for the Altera UDP/IP Ethernet Core. 


Any help is welcome.
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It must be something with the value of the jiffies and vlan-ethernet layer for the nios2 architecture with the kernel v. 


The problem appears when the jiffies reaches the value 0x04000000. Modifying INITIAL_JIFFIES it's possible to do fast tests doing the system go down (crashing) just when the system starts. 

I have tested it with the kernel v.3.5 and it doesn't happen :/