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Legacy NIOS installation with Quartus II Web Edition

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I am attempting to install NIOS on my PC that has Quartus II Wed Addition installed. I get the following error message: 


The directory 'C:\altera\15.0 does not contain Quatrus II software bin directory. 

Legacy Package (Free) NIOS II IDE must install into the same level as the Quatrus II software. 


Does this mean I have to purchase the licensed version of Quartus II Software to use the NIOS IDE?
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Have a look at [url] ([/URL] 



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The Nios II EDS is now automatically installed as part of the Quartus II Subscription or Web Edition Software download. No additional download is required. 

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So, if you're trying to add Nios II ide to Quartus 15.0 - it's not going to work.  


Also, see the quartus ii web edition ( download page which shows what's included. No license needed. 



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You don't need to install that package. Recent versions of Quartus include this. That package is for older versions when the Nios tools were a separate package.  


Check for the Nios stuff in the Windows Start menu->All Programs->Altera 15.something Web Edition->Nios II EDS 15.something->Nios II 15.0 Software Build Tools for Eclipse. If it isn't there you need to run the Quartus installer again and make sure you select the Nios tools. 


No license is needed for the software tools. The processor IP itself may require a license (about $1k ?) if used independently of the JTAG tools.