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Linker - scripting section mappings

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I am trying to automatize the generation of my application in a gui-less environment as follows: 




All is good until I get to the linker assignments: I did not find any possibility to specify where .bss .text .rodata .rwdata .heap would be placed. 

The only solution that was working for a while was passing the "default_sections_mapping" parameter to the nios2-bsp command in 

NIOS2_BSP_ARGS="--default_sections_mapping onchip_ram" 



I am in a situation where this solution is no longer sufficient: I must use 2 smaller on-chip RAMs (onchip_ram_1 and onchip_ram_2) and assign specific sections of the application to each of these RAMs.  

So far I was not able to find a solution. 


I would appreciate any help!
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Just directly run the compiler and linker completely outside the altera environment. 

Then you can just write a linker script than contains exactly what you need (and nothing else).