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Linux Application Instruction tracing with DS-5



I have an altera DE1-SoC board which is running the precompiled linux image provided by altera. I need to perform instruction tracing of a linux application. I want using DS-5 altera edition to do this instruction trracing, however I have a couple of questions: 


I have been following this documents: [1] [2] 



On [1] it says: 


"You can configure trace for bare-metal or Linux kernel targets using the DTSL options that DS-5Debugger provides." 


Does this means that the instruction tracing is only supported for bare-metal applications and linux kernel applications? Is it possible to perform instruction tracing on a linux application (not kernel or bare-metal). In the DS-5 tool when I select connection to bare-metal or kernel targets I see a Debug and trace services layer (DTSL). But it is not available for linux applications. I am missing something here?
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