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Looking at Linux

I have been looking through the posts as well as the Altera wiki page regarding installing a micro version of Linux on an Altera FPGA. I am a bit confused, though. The instructions that I am reading through so far specify a Cyclone 3C120 FPGA. What I have is a DE2 with a Cyclone 2C35 FPGA. Does this mean that the Linux setup won't work? Will it need to be tweaked? If so, could someone point me in the direction of specific instructions on the differences of the two, and what needs to be changed? Will the Cyclone II not handle the MMU? Will I need to try a non-MMU installation? 


Any guidance would be appreciated. 


Thank you in advance.
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The CPU for the FPGA is the same for any Altera FPGA You take, so it doesn't matter what FPGA do You use. You just need big enough to fit the CPU system.