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MPU and linker script for isolation

Hi everyone, 


Now I am working on system partitioning. I am using MPU to isolate a kernel from application tasks, avoiding that application tasks make the kernel corrupted. Therefore, the kernel and application tasks have to be allocated into two memory regions, under the control of linker script. 


By now, I know how MPU works, and I am confused with linker script in Altera. 


Does anyone have a similar example or give me some advises about how to use the linker script.
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Writing a linker script isn't THAT difficult. 

A lot of stuff in the default one isn't needed for a simple script. 

I'd start with a very simple linker script and a simple object file and then look at the linker map file output to see which memory areas get assigned where. 

Then extend it for the sections you have in your real object modules.