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Max10 De10 Lite w/ push buttons

Hello, I have designed a fully synchronous Nios II system with custom components. I created a block diagram and made it the top level design. I am using the VGA as display on a external monitor, I have used the external KEY_UDLRM as inputs from five buttons on a bread board wired to Arduino Uno. I have used expansion kit KEY_M as select and deselect press. I have programmed eclipse in C language to display [24] [16] numbers 0-5 in a [8] [20] frame. I have programmed a red square box to circle the number display and I have programmed the box to move through left, right, up, down using my push buttons. I also programmed a button to select and deselect 3 or more numbers that are the same in a row, column and diagonal. Just like the game candy crush. I am having troubles making the sequence of numbers that’s selected and deleted generate new numbers from top down. Can anyone assist a aspiring engineer? Thanks in advance!!!



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