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Memory address problem related to create a custom instruction

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I'm working to compile the application sample from Nios II Custom Instruction User Guide. 


I made the hardware setup and configuration with QSys without problem and I've programmed the BeMicro SDK board but I've a problem with the software application on Nios II EDS. 


After create the BSP project and application project I need to customize this defines for MEMORY_DEVICE_SIZE on crc_main.c but I don't know what values I need to use: 

/* Change the name of memory device according to what you are using * e.g.: DDR_SDRAM_0# #_SPAN * SSRAM_0# #_SPAN */ # define MEMORY_DEVICE_SIZE DDR_SDRAM# #_SPAN  


Here I put the system.h section with the mobile_ddr_sdram's configuration and custom instruction's configuration made automatically by Nios II EDS using the sopcfile that I made using QSys. This file include the Custom Instruction CRC from the guide: 

/* * mobile_ddr_sdram configuration * */ # define ALT_MODULE_CLASS_mobile_ddr_sdram mtx_avalon_sdram_mddr # define MOBILE_DDR_SDRAM_BASE 0x4000000 # define MOBILE_DDR_SDRAM_IRQ -1 # define MOBILE_DDR_SDRAM_IRQ_INTERRUPT_CONTROLLER_ID -1 # define MOBILE_DDR_SDRAM_NAME "/dev/mobile_ddr_sdram" # define MOBILE_DDR_SDRAM_SPAN 67108864 # define MOBILE_DDR_SDRAM_TYPE "mtx_avalon_sdram_mddr" /* * Custom instruction macros * */ # define ALT_CI_CRC_0(n,A) __builtin_custom_ini(ALT_CI_CRC_0_N+(n&ALT_CI_CRC_0_N_MASK),(A)) # define ALT_CI_CRC_0_N 0x0 # define ALT_CI_CRC_0_N_MASK ((1<<3)-1)  


I need that someone help me to know what value I need to use in the MEMORY_DEVICE_SIZE defines on crc_main.c. 




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If I correctly understand your question, you only need to add MOBILE_ to the template define in order to match the name of your ddr device: