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Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error (R6016) in NIOS IISoftware Build Tools for Eclipse

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I was trying to build my project in the NIOS II Software Build Tools for Eclipse and I came across an error. 



Runtimer Error! 

Program: C:\altera\12.0\quartus\bin\cygwin\bin\sh.exe 


- not enough space for thread data 



The error popped up when I hit Build All. When I click OK on the error it closes and the Building Workspace window just sits there forever. I am unable to build, clean, or do flash programming. Restarting my computer sometimes (rarely) lets me build it once. I have tried reinstalling the Quartus/NIOS II SBT for Eclipse and the C++ Runtime. 

The software is listed as Altera 12.0 Build 178. I am using Windows 7 64-bit. 


I don't know what else to try to try to fix my problem
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Mostly likely, 


1. Not run Eclipse with Admin permission 

2. A antivirus program is interrupting the operation, I guess you have McAfee or Symantec?
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This isn't the 'usual' error (whcih is fork() failed), but it may be related to the large series of hoops that cygwin has to leap through in order to simulate fork() under windows (basically, it has to reload all the shared libraries at the same addresses (as in the parent) and hope that the relevant addresses are available foreach library) anti-virus software tends to make life more difficult than usual. 


Someone said to me that cygwin has now implemented posix_spawn(), if the shell (and anything else that does fork-exec (like make)) use that instead then cygwin will have far fewer problems (and will be faster). I don't know whether any of the programs have been changed yet, and, in any case, I think Altera use their own copy of cygwin.
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The error has seemed to disappear in the newest version that I installed. 


Altera 12.1 Build 177