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Migration form 10 SP1 to 11 and qsys



After the move from SOPC to QSYS and 10 SP1 to 11 of the SBT when generating the BSP i recieve errors to do with undefined symbols. CPU and SYSID particularly. It appears to know it needs to include the QSYS includes but will not pull them in from. I have Directories now for 10sp1 and 11 and am not sure if i need to delete all of 10Sp1 to ensure a clean 11 move?? 


I have hacked the makefile and copied the required files over but would like to know what i need to change to get this to work automatically as before. I cant see how to add files to the bsp settings. Also what else is now out of date or incorrect. 


Any help or a pointer to some migration documentation would be very helpful.  



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