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Missing device tree overlay files from Arria 10 PR reference project

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This project appears to be missing the dtso files in the binary distribution: "Arria 10 SoC Hardware Reference Design That Demonstrates Partial Reconfiguration" 



Towards the end of the instructions it says: "The persona dtso files can be converted to dtbo using the command as shown...". Later on it says: "The FPGA overlay DTB (fpga_region.dtso, persona0.dtso, persona1.dtso) as available in the binary linux-socfpga-pr-16.1-a10-bin.tar.gz are hand coded." 



These files are not present in linux-socfpga-pr-16.1-a10-bin.tar.gz. 



The demo on how to perform the partial reconfiguration ( makes reference to these files too. 



I've tried using the sopc2dts tool on the sopcinfo files generated when compiling that project without success. 



Does anyone know how to create fpga_region.dtso, persona0.dtso and persona1.dtso?
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