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Missing sopinfo files

Honored Contributor II

Hey. I'm new with FPGA programming. I installed 7.2 Altera Pack, but couldn't do anything on my windows7. Later I downloaded v 11.0, but I haven't any sopcinfo file. Was looking for sopc builder, but can't really find it in Nios. 

I'm using Terasic Max II Micro Development Kit. 

Sorry, for newbie question, but that's my first contact with FPGA and i'm stucked.
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Honored Contributor II

Ok you are using tools that are so far apart the file types used are very different. 


Way back in 7.2 times Altera didn't support Windows 7 so I would just give up on that (hacks will work but don't bother....) 


The .sopcinfo file is fairly new.... I can't remember if it was around when 7.2 was out in the wild. That file is generated when you generate your system in SOPC Builder or Qsys. So you probably need to do this: 


1) Generate the system in SOPC Builder 

2) Compile the hardware in Quartus 

3) Compile and download the software in the Nios II software built tools for eclipse 


.... and after all that typing I just noticed you wrote "Max II Micro Dev kit". Nios II can't be synthesized on a CPLD due to the lack of on-chip memories. I don't know much about that kit but unless there is an FPGA present you are not going to get very far....