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Multi Kernel Images ?

Honored Contributor II

Thanks to the linux tutorial on 3c120 cyclone III devboard the flash mapping appears 

like that : 

Creating 9 MTD partitions on "physmap-flash.0": 

0x00000000-0x02800000 : "userspace" 

0x02800000-0x02900000 : "U-Boot" 

0x02900000-0x02d00000 : "uImage1" 

0x02d00000-0x03100000 : "uImage2" 

0x03100000-0x03500000 : "uImage3" 

0x03500000-0x03880000 : "Altera Image 0" 

0x03880000-0x03c00000 : "FPGA Image 1" 

0x03c00000-0x03f80000 : "FPGA Image 2" 

0x03f80000-0x03fa0000 : "options-bits" 


I think it's possible to put other Kernel Images on uImage2 and 1. But I'm not sure it will work knowing that there is only one JFFS2 file system in user space for 3 Kernel Image. 

Is that possible ?
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