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Multi Threading On Nios-II

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Hello Friend's 


How do we perform Multi-threading (like pthread etc.) on altera nios-ii ? 


Is use of pthread valid on nios-ii....? 


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You will need to install an operating system, there are several options, a common choice is a variant of Linux. We use RTEMS RTOS.

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Hello jeffreyOHill, 


Thanking you for your time,  


My nios-ii board have Pree-install uC/OS-II , can i add the said (pthread) functionality in it ? (if not please suggest how do add other OS in it) 


I have edit the simple-socket-server example for my multi-threaded code. but during build time it generate an error at "pthread_create" section. 


and through other forum post i come to know that pthread is not supported by uc/OS-II. 


i am writing a tcp and udp based client server application on it, over it TCP based Application (Or Thread is for Control Purpose) and UDP based Application (Or Thread) for Data Communication. 


so my Project have effectivelly Three Thread 

1. TCP Receive 

2. TCP Send 

3. UDP receive 


I have tested all the relevant Code On Linux (ubuntu 12.04) and it work fine. now i am going to port this C Code on my nios board (Altera ESDK) 



Kaushal K Kanwariya