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Multicore Design using Nios II with Accelerator

Hi everyone, 


I have to design a system with Nios II multicore with an Accelerator or more accelerators for my Project. 

I am new in Nios II so, it's difficult for me to start with. 

can anyone please suggest me how can I exactly start my project and can suggest me references(books, tutorials, lectures) by following which I can proceed to my goal. 


I have searched many documents in internet and maximum references are showing from Altera web site and it's confusing to start with. 

So, actually need an exact direction to reach my goal. 


I will be very thankful if somebody help me in this regard. 


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If you have never done anything before, you will benefit from watching all the (free) online training videos to get some idea of what is involved. 

Some things are out of date due to the recent change from SOPC Builder to Qsys, but they are still useful nonetheless. 


Even though you may not be using Ethernet, it may be helpful to get started with the Ethernet Standard Design running on your board, and then start adding/deleting things.