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NAND Flash controller for Cyclone V E family



I would like to use a NAND flash component on my design with a Cyclone V E FPGA and having trouble to use the generic tri-state Mega function to work with it. The NAND flash component I selected is a Spansion S34MS02G1 (256Mb x16). The part I don't get is the address I/O are the same as the data I/O which I am not sure how to specific in the generic tri-state Mega function. Does anyone have experience working with NAND flash component with Cyclone V E family before? Any recommendation on Mega function for NAND flash works with NIOS II. Please let me know. 




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Re: NAND Flash controller for Cyclone V E family

I have a micron 1Gb x16 connected to Cyclone IV E. I wrote a custom component, but a generic avalon tristate bridge should work just fine. 

Sopc,et, openip git has a sample implementation - I never tested it myself though. Regarding timing and constraints you can 

check Constraining_SOPC_Designs.doc.
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