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NIOS II Command Shell cannot execute binary file

I have a board with an FPGA that we have traditionally programmed using the NIOS Command Shell on an XP computer with Quartus 9.1.  I have been working on moving the programming operations to a new Win10 machine.

I now have the Win10 machine looking at the correct places to bring the NIOS Command Shell up using the 9.1 environment but now when I run the command to program, it says that it "cannot execute binary file"

We are using Altera Nios Development Kit v 3.20 build 18.

To program we use "nr -x "file_to_send"".  nr is a shortcut in the ...\altera\91sp2\nios2eds\bin folder.  This shortcut goes to ...\altera\kits\nios\bin\nios-run.exe.

Why wouldn't I be able to run this command on this computer?

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