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NIOS II CustomComponent Programming Problem

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Hi all, 


I have created a LED register in vhdl and created qsys component out of that. Connected it to the nios processor as shown in below images. Created NIOS project and when I am trying to run the code the register is not updated. But if I access with the base address of the memory map generated, it is getting updated. Kindly someone let me know what could be the issue. 


I included system.h and written a simple program to edit the led base register. From memory I am able to access and blink led. But from C program I am not able to control it. 

# include <stdio.h> # include "system.h"  

int main()  


unsigned int* ledbaseaddr =(unsigned int *) LEDREG_0_BASE;  

// unsigned int i;  



*ledbaseaddr = 0xFF;  


*ledbaseaddr = 0x00;  







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I guess this happens because Nios uses byte addressing, while C code unsigned int* forces 32bit addressing. Try to cast with unsigned char* . 

Anyway the best way to access qsys component registers is through IOWR/IORD macros, which automatically take care of matching the device bus size.
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Hi cris, 


thanks for the reply. I have used IOWR/IORD macros and problem got solved.