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NIOS II Eclipse Runs Slow on Corporate PC

I am running the NIOS II for Eclipse software on two PC's running Windows 7 Pro, my personal PC and my Corporate PC. My personal PC runs just fine. As a bench mark my work PC, which is technically more powerful takes 2 minutes to create a "New Application and BSP from Template", and my personal PC takes 30 seconds. If I run NIOS II for Eclipse "As Administrator" it still takes 2 minutes. My expectation is that the corporate Anit- Virus software is causing the program to run slower. If I run Eclipse "Run with Elevated Privileges" my work PC only take 30 seconds as I would have hoped for. Does anyone now why "Run as Administrator" does not perform as well as "Run With Elevated Privileges"? Is there way to set my shortcut to "Run with Elevated Privileges" instead of "Run as Administrator"?

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