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NIOS II Editor Driver Name

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I am trying to build the simple_socket_server on a new PC using the same .sopcinfo file as another PC. However this time the tse_mac module has a 'Module Class Name' (triple speed ethernet)) and 'Module Version' (12.1) specified but no 'Driver Name', and hence no check box to enable it. Please can someone help with where the 'Driver Name' is specified so I can fix it. 


Thank you
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As an update to try to debug this issue I built a new simple_socket_server app and bsp on the older PC (NIOS II 13.0sp1 SBT), and the exact same example (using the templates both times) on the new PC (NIOS II 13.1 SBT), and used the same .sopcinfo file for both builds. The old PC has the TSE MAC Driver Name correct (along with the check box), the newer PC has the TSE MAC Driver Name empty and no check box. I guess I am confused on how two supposedly identical builds with same .sopcinfo file have different results. Are there other settings that need to be modified to get the Driver Name correct?