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NIOS II IDE 9.0 to 12.0 question



i am used to use the NIOS 2 ide 9.0 and i have many project that i was able to import them into the work place by just choosing the "Existing Nios II software build tools project or folder into workspace" option however i recently upgraded my nios 2 IDE to 12.0 and i cant find how to import the projects that were built using the NIOS 2 IDE 9.0 



any ideas? 



thank you
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Hi, Nios II SBT version > 10 uses the "Board Support Package (BSP)" instead of "system library (SYSLIB)" 

uses qsys instead of SOPC. 

I think with version >= 12, the "syslib" support has been dropped. 


So create the QSYS : You can convert old SOPC to QSYS quite easily. But I prefer rewrite from scratch the Qsys component. 


[B]For software, you had to create the BSP{/B] : In NIOS II SBT, file menu > new...> create NIOS II application & Board support Package
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