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NIOS II IrDA (DE2 Board)

Hi, after much searching I've found that there is very little documentation concerning the IrDA IP from the University Program. I have compiled the IrDA core into my processor design but I am now unsure if I am using it correctly on the software side. 


My ultimate goal is to use a TV remote (or any infrared remote) to control a NIOS II application I'm developing. However when I call the read_data function all I am returned is a character with the value 255. When I aim a remote at the receiver and press buttons this value stays constant. 


The only documentation I found on this is a PDF on the Altera site under Training -> University Program -> University Program IP Cores -> IrDA PDF. (Sorry, I can't post links...)  


My questions are as follows: 

- Am I greatly underestimating what I'm trying to accomplish? 

- How would you go about doing this? 


Thanks in advance.
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Did you ever find anything on this? I keep getting NULL when I do a read. I have no idea why is this happening. Please share your observations. Thanks.

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hello! i have the same problem now,it always comes out "255" no matter which key is pushed. did you solve you problem?could you help me about this? Thank you!