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NIOS II SOC SW Simulation Too Slow to be useful...

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Has anyone seriously used simulation of a NIOS II SOC with SW to debug the design? Yes, I used AN351 

to run and say "Hello World" in simulation but in a real full size SOC it takes forever to run. 

I tried a very simple program that write to LED_PIO, and yes it runs, but it mostly accesses SDRAM. 

What is needed is a NIOS II BFM that obeys the AVALON bus protocol but executes simple Read/Write (bus cycles) 

instructions from a stimulus file. It does not run any 'C' SW! 

Any suggestions?
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Honored Contributor I

You know there is an Avalon-MM master BFM that does exactly that right?

Honored Contributor I

Thank you very much ! I did not know but I just found out that there is such a BFM and I am going through the tutorial... Thanks for your help!!!