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NIOS II/f altera_avalon_i2c, possible BUG in HAL



I need a I2C master for my NIOS II/f. I thought using the I2C master which is shipped by Altera in Quartus Prime 17.0 should serve my needs. 

However I'm a bit worried about the software quality of the HAL and drivers. 


While testing I recognized that switching speed of the bus is not possible. The clock setting is fixed for 100kHz, setting other values results in wrong behaviour. 



ALT_AVALON_I2C_STATUS_CODE alt_avalon_i2c_master_config_speed_set( ... /* adjust h/l by predetermined amount */ scl_hcnt = scl_lcnt + ALT_AVALON_I2C_DIFF_LCNT_HCNT; // scl_lcnt+60, should be scl_lcnt+15 for 400kHz scl_lcnt = scl_lcnt - ALT_AVALON_I2C_DIFF_LCNT_HCNT; ...  

Therefore ALT_AVALON_I2C_DIFF_LCNT_HCNT should be adapted to the speed setting. 


Did I miss something? What is your experience with the NIOS II software drivers? 


In addition, I could not find any proper documentation with examples. Do I really have to browse the header files to get infos about the API? 


Cheers, Marc
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