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NIOS II on DE2-115, can't download ELF

I'm new to the FPGA world and new to the NIOS II soft-processor. I've inherited a functioning project at work that implements the NIOS II and some C code on a DE2-115 board. I've got the directory structure and project files that were originally used to program the DE2-115, but need to be able to make changes to the C code built for the NIOS II. With the project compiled and the .sof programmed to the board, I'm unable to program the .elf file to the NIOS II using the USB blaster from the Eclipse SBT. Per several tutorials, I'm using the Run As -> NIOS II hardware option and getting "Launching test NIOS II Hardware configuration has encountered a problem. Downloading ELF Process failed." Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks.

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