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NIOS II to Altera AD/DA Daughter Card

I have a DE2i-150 board and I'm using Nios II on the Cyclone IV FPGA. I'm using an Altera AD/DA Data Conversion Daughtercard (Terasic) that plugs into the DE2i's HSMC connector and I'm trying to use the audio jacks to receive and send audio signals. From everything I've read, the signals are passed through a TI AIC23 chip on the daughter board but I cannot find any documentation on how to use this with NIOS II or any examples even in Verilog. 


I'm trying to figure out how to work with this daughter board. If anyone has prior experience with this board in NIOS II, I'd love any advice or suggestions. I'm trying to figure out if I can just bit bang the AIC23 with the appropriate control signals and treat the 3 SPI pins as PIO pins in the Qsys setup. 


I'm pretty new at this so any help is appreciated!
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