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NIOS Programming

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Hi all, 

I am a NIOS and overall beginner at all things Altera. 

I have recently been trying to build a project in qsys (shown in the picture)to run on my De0-Nano

When i program the hardware it goes smoothly. I generate the qsys and use it as the basis of a .bdf file as the top level where i define all the pins and the programming is successful. 


When i open the NIOS IDE, i make a new hello world project from the templates with BSP file. I generate the BSP, build the BSP file, build main project file, run as nios hardware. 

I get 1 of a couple of errors: 



I have tried multiple times to start over and recompile everything, but these errors persist. 

Thanks in advance. 

I am using quartus 13.0 and nios 13.13.
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How is the reset connected to the clocksys from your toplevel? And is your clock connected on toplevel and in the PIN-Assigments?

Honored Contributor II

The reset is output to another name and then assigned to Pin J15 (Key0 on the De0-Nano). 

The clock is output to another name and then assigned to Pin R8 (CLK_50 on the De0-Nano). 

On the qsys symbol, both are input pins tied to VCC. 

Thanks for the reply.